How do you know the developer you hired is doing a good job?

So, you’re in need of an app, a website, some modifications, or you’re going to launch the next big thing. You’re totally excited about this new project. It’s keeping you awake at night and you can’t stop thinking about how great it’s going to be. You tell your friends and family. They’re excited too. But how do you make it all work?

Naturally, you need to find someone who can build it for you. Maybe you ask around from some of your tech friends, but none of them are available and are swamped with their full time jobs. Since you don’t know how to code, you either take an online course and begin learning how to code, or you outsource the work to someone else.

Ultimately, you decide to hire someone else to get the first version up and running.

You start browsing the internet for developers who can build your idea. You take a look at multiple freelance sites, look around on Craigslist, and email a few friends. You realize the difficulty in finding someone to work on your idea. Eventually you find a candidate. They look great. You hire them and you’re off to the races!

How do you know that you’re not getting totally ripped off?

I’ve seen too many people hire developers and get ripped off. It’s not fun for anyone.

Now you’ve hired someone for $20/hour build your idea. Whether it’s the wiz kid down the street, a relative, or you as you’re learning to code, you probably care about how the job gets done, right?

What if they don’t do a good job? How will you even know? Do you get your money back? Some sites offer a money back guarantee, but going through that process is time consuming and lengthy, and most people don’t actually get their money back. Plus, you’ll never get the time you spent on all of this. You spent hours upon hours finding the right candidate, then weeks of development (or more).

Whatever it is, how do you actually know if they’re doing the right thing?

Without being a CTO, having managed a product team before, or writing code as your day job, it’s really hard to know if they’re doing a good job. It’s hard to know if they’re following best practices or setting you up for a disaster. They probably don’t know either, especially if you’re not paying top dollar. How do you know that you won’t run into big roadblocks or potholes 6 weeks after you pay them in full? Without having a second set of eyes or having the knowledge of a CTO, it’s stressful.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a CTO on your team that you didn’t have to pay much? Wouldn’t it be nice to know if your developers doing the right thing and following best practices?

Now without spending a fortune on the CTO raising a seed round from some Silicon Valley investors you can get the expertise of the best tech people in Silicon Valley and around the globe.

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Each week we’ll be giving away tips and knowledge from some of the smartest product people and developers from around the globe. These are people who have been trusted by Beyonce, have started up and sold companies, and have consulted on projects for the Fortune 500.

Hi, I’m Matt and I’d like to share my experiences and those of my friends with you. I’ve worked on building the advertising technology with the most unique viewers in the US with over 2.4 billion video ads and 1.1 billion minutes watched reaching over 53% of the US population.

After working in adtech, I took on a passion project by building the largest online live event merchandise platform on the planet for clients like Beyonce, Adele, Carrie Underwood, and Fall Out Boy.

We’ve all gone through it before. The stresses of raising money from investors, building a product that people want, and making sure our developers are doing the right thing. In-fact, most of us are developers ourselves, and we really know this stuff.

In these emails you’ll find things like:

  • How do I manage a product? Do I need a project management system?
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  • Spotting and preventing big development mistakes before they happen.
  • What to do when your developer quits
  • How to know if you’re getting ripped off
  • Questions and Answers that you’re asking
  • How to keep developers motivated (hint: it’s not just money!)
  • Gotchas, pitfalls, and potholes
  • and so much more!

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